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Refund policy

All sales are final. As a boutique manufacturer, all sales are considered as final and accommodations of return or exchange cannot be provided. Shall the order arrives damaged en route, please kindly reach out to with the following:

i.) Your order number

ii.) Photo of item depicting its condition.

Great care has been taken to prepare, package and protect your order securely to avoid damage in transit. In the event of breakage or deformation caused by shipping, please contact litingleahart within 3 calendars days and utmost effort will be made in attempt to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution.

There is a kind of beauty in imperfection - Conrad Hall

Handcrafted, in it’s purest essence, suggests subtle element of imperfection. Minor textural differences, slight blemish and marks, subtle asymmetry and small contortions fabricates originality, breathing life into each and every creation in it’s own majestic way.

Variation of Size - All pieces are measured with care. However with some organic shape inspired pieces, exact dimensions from every angle of some pieces may be hard to represent.

Variation of Color - Lighting and display panel is crucial in representation of shades on modern digital devices. You may find a minor deviation in color when compared against the ceramic piece.

Ceramics are made from fired clay at extreme temperatures. The high heat elevates its rigidity and durability; and when taken care of wholeheartedly, can be cherished for generations to come.